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Words And Images



Enameling on etched copper; 12" x 16"

Poetry celebrating the song and dance of earth, sky, wind, sun: in Navajo, Irish; English translation of a Japanese poem; and poet Joy Harjo: "open your whole self to sky, to earth, to sun, to moon"


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Etched and enameled copper, silver foil, hand lettering; 15" square

Quotes In Palimpsest

Through our eyes we inhale light and images - light and images we share with every being on earth. And out of our eyes we exhale a light or a darkness that is the spirit in which we perceive.

--My Story As Told By Water
David James Duncan

But some say dust is the beginning,  its slow accumulation and eventual density in space resulting in the formation of great rolling nebulae, in the emergence of expansive galactic clusters, the collapse of heavy stars into themselves. Dust, in the right circumstances, can make its own light.

--"A Self-Analysis of Dust"
Pattiann Rogers

But as my sight by seeing learned to see,
The transformation which in me took place
Transformed the single changeless form for me.


Make of yourselves a light


Let mine eye bless all it sees

--Gaelic blessing

Light upon Light

--The Qur'an

The Literature Of Being

The Literature of Being

Enameling on copper; 16" x 12"

Texts: Liu Xie and Robert Bringhurst. Lettering style: modified from early medieval inscriptions in Ireland

The Original  Book

The Original Book
Enameling on copper, silver foil; 16" x 12"

Words of Robert Bringhurst: "The original book is the world."


Isaiah Prophecy
Enameling on steel, 4' square



Enameling on steel; 10" x 8"

These words came to me as I sat on a rock ledge in the silence at Petrified Forest, a raven flew right by; its loud wingbeats faded, echoed into silence again.


Enameled copper; 20 X 16

Waters From Stone

Waters From Stone
Enameled copper, silver foil; 20" x 16"

In this piece, textures in the stone were made using the sgraffito technique, including scratching through the first unfired coat of enamel to reveal bare copper, which oxidizes black on firing. The brightest greens in the foliage surrounding the falls was made by applying tiny pieces of silver foil to the previously-fired enamel, then firing transparent green enamels over the silver. The silver reflects light back through the clear green glass, giving added brilliance.

The quotation (hand-inscribed using sgraffito technique) -- is John Wesley Powell's description of this site; he named the place Vasey's Paradise after the botanist on one of his Canyon expeditions. Water seeps down through the limestone, hits an impermeable rock layer, and emerges at several points in the Canyon, creating riparian micro-ecosystems from bare rock; great blue herons walk the shores within the canyon.






















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