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For these handcrafted signs, I create the lettering freehand and apply it in enameling. Combining calligraphy with the durability, brilliance, weatherproof and fadeproof qualities of glass fused to metal is ideal for custom signage.

For more information about how I create these enameled works, please see my pictorial demonstration of The Enameling Process.

Double-sided Entrance Sign
Benet Hill Monastery, Colorado

Benet Hill Monastery

Enameled copper, 32" diameter

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Reverse side text:

Fountain Valley School

Selected signs in enameled copper commissioned for Fountain Valley School of Colorado, a private high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The design on Sage East is taken from a mural inside that building by artist Boardman Robinson, who taught there in the 1930s. The Gamblin House design is taken from a mural paintied by a Native American artist in one of the Fountain Valley School dormitories in the 1930s.

Fountain Valley School Sign: Sage East

Fountain Valley School Sign: Gamblin House

Fountain Valley School: Riding Directors' Office

Great Sand Dunes

Three of eleven enameled steel signs for self-guided nature trail at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado, produced in collaboration with Colorado Architecture Partnership and The Porcelain Company. Illustrations were applied by hand and fired. Lettering (typeset), borders, and graphic icons were silkscreened onto the steel, using finely-ground enamel inks, and fired.

Sign: "A Barren Desert?"

Sand Dune Formation - In Situ At Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Sign Detail: The Living Sand Sheet

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Example of enameled copper exhibit and donor recognition signs and mural, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Donor Recognition And Animal Exhibit Sign

15 X 12 & 15 Square

Zoo Donor Wall - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

9' X 8'

Zoo Donor Wall, Detail

Detail, Donor Mural

Sundance Mountain Lodge

Sample enameled copper hotel room numbers, Sundance Mountain Lodge, Monument, Colorado. Each of the lodge's four buildings is named for a tree--Aspen, Birch, Cottonwood, and Douglas Fir. For each building's room numbers, I included the initial letter and a stenciled image of a branch from that tree. These examples are from Aspen building.

Sundance Room Numbers: 118

Sundance Room Sign: 120

8" Square

Michelham Priory

One of eleven enameled steel Medieval Physic (Herb) Garden signs in situ, Michelham Priory, East Sussex, England.

Michelham Priory Sign


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