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Range To Research

Range To Research

Range To Research - Overview

Range To Research (2000)
Enameled Steel Murals
Murals: Each Frieze 4 X 16
Fences: Each 4 X 16
Stained Glass Panel: 2 1/2 X 6

Animal Sciences Building
Colorado State University - Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado

The mural panels - animals in procession (and progression from early to modern breeds) toward the building's entrance - fit over existing blank architectural panels to give identity and color to the 1957 Animal Sciences building. The fences, pierced with animal and feed plant images and logos of partner organizations (for example, Colorado Cattlemen's Association) define the  building's entrance; matching panels are welded into the existing stair railings.

The mural panels fit over existing blank architectural panels and were produced in collaboration with Dave Berfield. The stained glass panel, made by Debra Rose, provided a new sign for the building as well as bringing color to the interior lobby and to the exterior at night, when lit from within. The fences define the building's entrance; matching panels were welded into existing stair railings. Fences and panels were produced with the assistance of Pikes Peak Community College's welding department. The project was commissioned under the Colorado Council on the Arts/Art in Public Places program for Colorado State University-Fort Collins, Colorado.

The involvement of animals with people, and the development of modern livestock breeds, is represented by images of cave paintings, wild relatives of livestock species, and livestock breeds from early domesticated to modern ones.

Range To Research - Right Panel

Detail: Equine And Swine Breeds

Range To Research - Working

Work in progress: I'm using porcelain enamels in painting the Przewalski's Horse image, prior to firing the panel vertically, at Dave Berfield's studio near Seattle.

Range To Research - Steel Fence

Detail: Cor-ten Steel Fence Panels


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