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Marvelous Reality

Math/Physics Building

Math/Physics Building

Marvelous Reality - Math/Physics Building Overview

Math/Physics Building Overview

There are five mural segments on the Math/Physics Building, both on the exterior and inside. Each segment employs geometric patterns to symbolize mathematical principles and processes.

All geometric designs by Jay Bonner (www.bonner-design.com)

Marvelous Reality - Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory
Enameled Copper; 5' X 17’

The "Chaos Theory" section consists of over 100 tiles glued directly on a south-facing wall. This wall meets the eyes of visitors as they enter the campus, and gives a sense of energy and color - specifically requested by the clients - to the formal and fortress-like campus. The blues are opaque enamels; the gold geometric patterns are translucents over copper.

The aperiodic repetition in the arrangement of the Penrose tilings results in sometimes symmetrical, sometimes asymmetric regular patterns, symbolizing the "cryptic form of order” that is chaos theory.

Marvelous Reality - Equinox Marker

Equinox Marker
4' 4" X 3’

The "Equinox marker" is mounted in a south-facing stairwell inside the building. On the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, a shadow is cast - by the sun shining on a marker hanging in the opposite window - on the blue star in the design. The enamels used in this panel are almost entirely translucents; the underlying copper reflects back the light with a glow.

Equinox Marker Detail

Equinox Marker Detail
24" X 22"


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