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Hand-lettered, handmade enameled copper bowls/trays or plaques provide one-of-a-kind custom awards.

Pikes Peak Arts Council Awards

Presented each year to outstanding artists in the Pikes Peak region. I was commissioned to design and make these awards over a period of many years. Each year, I created a new design, incorporating the organization's logo, the year, name of award and recipient's name. The Art on the Streets program awarded volunteers. Ovals are 9" long; bowls are 8" diameter.

Pikes Peak Arts Council Award, 2011

Pikes Peak Arts Council Award

Award: "Art On The Streets"

Pikes Peak Arts Council Award, 2008

Pikes Peak Community Foundation

The Heart and Spirit of Philanthropy Awards bore the same design each year; hand made each year; all hand-lettered.

Pikes Peak Community Foundation Award

12" diameter

Since the recipient of the 2007 award was blind, I used lump enamel which when fired produced a raised texture for the Braille letterforms.

Double click the image to see a detail view of the text in Braille.
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Fountain Valley School Of Colorado

Distinguished Alumni Award: hand made and hand lettered each year; design consistent from year to year. The design is based on a mural at the school by a Native American artist (I used this design in the Gamblin House sign as well).

Fountain Valley School Distinguished Alumni Award

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Examples of awards given over the years to volunteers who worked on the Zoo Ball, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Designs were provided to me by the zoo--each year a different theme animal; each year I produced sixteen small (4" diameter) coasters and two larger (6" diameter) trays using that year's design.

Zoo Award: Meerkat

Zoo Award: Frog

Zoo Award: Moose

Zoo Award: Snow Leopard


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