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Marvelous Reality

Life Sciences Building

Life Sciences Building

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Scenes of native regional wildlife and plants wrap around the Life Sciences building. A ribbon of tiles leads to a depiction of prairie ecology, showing both common and rare species of the region. Changing in scale near the entrance, as if the viewer were walking into a magnified world, panels depict a riparian ecosystem, including aquatic insect larvae surrounding endangered native fish. Near the entrance doors, a mural panel depicting human, butterfly and flower anatomy (along with giant images of microorganisms) suggests the human nature of study and analysis that takes place within the building, bridging the worlds of whole ecosystems and laboratory research and implying the kinship among all life forms. Panels within the building continue the viewer's journey into a microscopic world (and, metaphorically, looking ever more closely and perceiving more), ending in a mural panel representing DNA.

Click the picture below to see the Riparian Ecosystem.

Life Sciences Building - Riparian Ecosystem

Life Sciences Building: Riparian Ecosystem (Left)

Prairie Flora And Fauna - Pollination

Prairie Flora And Fauna: Pollination
2' X 4' 6"

Marvelous Reality - Anatomy Panel

Marvelous Reality Detail: Anatomy Panel
3' X 3'

Marvelous Reality - Embryo Sequence

Marvelous Reality Detail: Embryo Panel
2' X 4' 6"

Marvelous Reality - Microscopic Life

Marvelous Reality Detail: Single-Celled Life Panel
2' X 4' 6"

Marvelous Reality - Molecular Life

Marvelous Reality Detail: Molecular Level Panel
2' X 6'

Marvelous Reality - Cholla Panel

Cholla Panel
Enameled Copper, 5' X 3'

Click the picture to see a detailed view.

The Cholla panel makes a transition between the two buildings, incorporating the geometric design motifs used in the Math/Physics murals together with the naturalistic native flora and fauna images of the Life Sciences murals.


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