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Infinite Nature

Left Panel

Center Panel

Right Panel

Infinite Nature

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Infinite Nature (1998)
Enameled Copper; 10’ 3” X 23’

Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado

Infinite Nature, a science center courtyard (landscaping and murals), is based on the natural history of the Colorado Plateau. The canyon scene depicts native flora and fauna, symbolic canyon geologic strata, and an underlying visual texture of images representing principles and forms common to the sciences and mathematics. The overlapping of images, hidden details, and design elements that “work” differently depending on viewing distance, evoke the concept that “the more you look, the more you see.” Images in the mural reflect courses taught in the surrounding buildings, such as  geology, desert ecology, botany, zoology, mathematics and other courses. The project was commissioned under the Colorado Council on the Arts/Art in Public Places program for Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado.

The project’s title is derived from the words of John Muir, inscribed in one of the cloud panels. To see a detail of the panel and the quote, click here.

The east-facing enameled-copper mural receives changing light throughout the day, exploiting the medium's translucency, copper tones, and multiple layers of images. The shapes of the sky and cloud panels echo the roofline of the greenhouse atop the wall. The project was a collaboration with landscape architect Gernot Heinrichsdorff, who received awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado for this project.


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